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What Does The Closing Meeting Involve For The Seller?

Watch this video to get a quick idea of the seller's side of  closing. Also known as “settlement” and “escrow”  the closing is a meeting where property, money, title and liens are exchanged between all the parties involved. The closing agent typically conducts the meeting.  They’ll review the sales agreement to determine payments and credits…
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What Does Ability To Repay Mean?

What are the “Ability to repay” rules about? In a nutshell, as this video shows, new laws require lenders to make a good-faith assessment of a borrower’s capacity to pay back their loan over time. It’s a longer-term view that goes beyond immediate income, debt and credit rating. These new Federal laws- supervised by the CFPB - require…
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What Is An Inspection Clause?

Remember these pointers from the video: you may want to include an inspection clause in the offer when negotiating for a home. An inspection clause gives you an “out" on buying the house if serious problems are found or gives you the ability to renegotiate the purchase price if repairs are needed. An inspection clause…
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Can I Pay Off My Loan Ahead Of Schedule?

Usually, Yes. Like the guy in the video says, by sending in extra money each month or making an extra payment at the end of the year you can accelerate the process of paying off the loan. When you send extra money, be sure to indicate that the excess payment is to be applied to…
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