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Good, Better, Best: Metro National Title

When you’re in the process of purchasing or selling your home, you want the best people to work with, right? You want the best house, for the best price, with the best lender, with the best agent. Having the best Title Company is just the next item on the list! At Metro National Title, we…
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Protecting Against Cyber Fraud

The more time we spend online the more cybercrime there seems to be. There are waves of cybercrime and cyber fraud all over the world, and it’s important to actively stay alert and aware of the techniques that these criminals use. Metro Title is actively working on keeping our customers protected and aware of any…
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Fannie Mae to accept lender-funded down payment assistance

Fannie Mae will now buy mortgage loans with lender-funded grants, including down payment assistance, closing costs or financial reserves. The change could give nonbank lenders a way to guard against redlining accusations. The government-sponsored enterprise will start accepting such loans immediately. According to Fannie Mae’s guidance, “The lender must have a documented program that provides…
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Continuing Education For Everyone

Everyone in the professional world of Real Estate needs and benefits from CE Classes. Continuing Education is a great way to improve your skills, social influences, and inner self, while giving you the tools to progress. CE classes are taken every few years to keep your license renewed but also to make sure you have…
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