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Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred

Alfred is our Virtual Closing Assistant that is smart, resourceful, and always eager to help.

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19 Locations

We are growing! Please come visit our newest and exciting office nearest you.

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Tools & Services

Please try our easy good faith Estimate Calculator. It's super easy to use for a quick quote.

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Metro National Title offers continuing education to real estate professionals and attorneys.

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We have an impressive arsenal of technology in use to speed along transactions and security measures


Did you know Alfred speaks 54 different languages? Just ask him the language you want to talk in


We are pleased to introduce the newest option for earnest money - electronic delivery!


ShortTrack has a long-standing integration with the industry's most reliable software, DocuSign & DotLoop.


Super easy to use, accessible anytime, and produces pre-prepared professional documents in seconds to your clients

Alfred is always ready to to assist

Alfred is the Virtual Closing Assistant for Metro Title that is smart, resourceful, and always eager to help.

Smart & Accessible

Graduated top of his Virtual Assistant class. Ready to learn and answer your questions like a person.

Fast & Accurate

Provides fast and accurate answers to file based or general questions via Chat or Text.

Motivated & 24/7

Works day and night - never gets tired - never needs a break - always available.

Proactive & Mobile

Can send or receive SMS texts, enabling proactive requests for information.

Time Saving

This new feature allows for a fully digital transfer of funds and will save you - and your clients - time.

Office Visits

NO more racing to the title office to deposit your funds in 72 hours.


NO more waiting on wiring instructions.


NO more trips to the bank.

Earnest Money Deposit

We are pleased to introduce the newest option for earnest money - electronic delivery!


A suite of applications and integrations for automating and connecting the entire agreement process.

Electronic Signature

Send, sign, and succeed with eSignature.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Automate agreement workflows and management.

Document Generation and Negotiation

Streamline agreement generation, review, and approval.

Contract Analytics

Analyze and negotiate agreements with proven AI.

Time Well-Spent

Our paperless transaction platform means more time driving growth, not chasing paper.

Focus on What Matters

Easily access your association forms and auto-fill them to close deals faster.

Write Offers Anywhere

Whether you're on the road or the beach, get deals done with dotloop for iOS and Android.

More than eSignatures

No more preparing contracts, move them over to a different system for eSignatures and finally upload them into yet another platform for compliance.

Transaction Management Solution

Empowering real estate brokers, agents and teams to edit forms, eSign, collaborate and automate compliance on a single, streamlined platform.


SafeWire digitally authenticates buyers and sellers in real estate transactions.


Increases the speed and security of real estate closings to deliver faster transactions and better consumer confidence.


Provides title agents with the ability to verify the identities of both the buyer and seller in the transaction and authenticate bank account ownership.


Leveraging the most advanced technologies, including blockchain, SafeWire increases the speed and security of real estate closings.


Shielding consumers from harm in the homebuying process.

Numbers made easy.

Experience real estate's #1 closing cost app, PalmAgent ONE.

Buyer estimates.

Calculate the two numbers your buyers care about most: total monthly payment (PITI) and closing costs.

Seller net sheets.

Regardless of price, neighborhood, or motivation, every seller wants to know the same thing: what will I net? Run a net sheet from anywhere in seconds.

Get social!

Photo lenses, dynamic infographics, and consumer calculators that help you connect with clients and attract new prospects on social media.

The PalmAgent Web App

PalmAgent ONE is a city/country specific closing cost app that comes preloaded with calculations and closing costs for Real Estate professionals. Generate quick and professional seller net sheets and buyer estimates for your clients in just seconds.



ShortTrack has a long standing integration with the industry's most reliable e-signature
software, DocuSign & DotLoop.

Easy Orders

Real Estate agents click a button in their software. The order automatically appears in yours!


eSignature integration to your Metro Agent's software. No uploading, downloading, or email again!


Complete web questionnaires, e-sign, and the data is synced with Metro Title.

Secure Collaberation

Deliver Wire Instructions and Documents without the hassle of email encryption.

About Us

Affiliated Memberships

National Title Network is an association of independent title agents from across the United States. Each company is independently owned and operated by the highest level of professional title personnel in each of the areas represented.

Commercial Expertise

in the commercial field of the title insurance industry. This specialization helps assure our clients of leading edge performance in serving even the most extraordinary of title challenges.


We provide experienced Title Services for a dynamic real estate market. We prize long-term relationships with our customers through our commitment and prestigious service.

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Metro National Title takes great pride in the quality of our associates, such as a general counsel who has more than 30 years experience in title insurance and real property law, and a full staff of long term experienced title and escrow officers.
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Escrow Closing Services involve a neutral third party to handle the delivery and acceptance of documents and money in a transaction. It also involved the preparation of certain documents necessary to complete a transaction such as a settlement statement, deeds, etc.
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