Continuing Education For Everyone

Everyone in the professional world of Real Estate needs and benefits from CE Classes. Continuing Education is a great way to improve your skills, social influences, and inner self, while giving you the tools to progress. CE classes are taken every few years to keep your license renewed but also to make sure you have all of the up to date information on the laws regarding Real Estate in the state of Utah.

Metro Title offers several CE classes throughout the year. They aim to help in improving your abilities and learning opportunities while having a fun learning experience. Every new agent or officer has a set of required amount of hours that they must accomplish, as required by the State. These classes are taught by a licensed CE teacher that has real-world knowledge and experience. You can learn about digital security and banking fraud, the theories and practice of insurance, the fundamentals of insurance, and many other important topics that are relevant to Real Estate.

For convenience, Metro Title offers in-person classes in many different locations as well as online through Zoom, giving you the freedom to choose and participate however you are able. After meeting your required hours of Continuing Education, the hours are reported to the State for you so that you can have a hassle free time enjoying the classes. While these courses take time out of your busy schedule, and can seem like they are a pain, they are beneficial. You can gain a better insight toward a topic that you might not know a lot about or a better understanding of the Real Estate market as a whole. Whatever the reason, continuing and furthering your education does nothing but give you more tools to succeed. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and furthering your success.

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